7 Free Tools For A Remote Team

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The most recent Coronavirus outbreak has shown the importance of having productive and efficient resources for remote distributed work. The significance of digital growth cannot be neglected.

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There’s no reason to add GitHub because you’re all familiar with it. In a nutshell, GitHub offers three services: hosting for Git repositories, pull requests, and additional functionality (stars etc). When it comes to remote jobs, each is a home run because you can handle problems in the same place you manage your code. That’s just what you need.


It’s where the frontend and development teams work on software elements. Bit is a collaborative open-source application. Teams will use Bit to transform their project’s components into manageable building blocks that can be reused and updated through many projects.


Zeplin is a forum that allows designers to “stage” their projects for developers to incorporate and where all parties will collaborate in one location. When operating in a remote team, a platform like this becomes much more relevant because it makes visual communication over UIs easier. We make use of it.


Zoom conference calls encourage several participants to join the same call from anywhere on the planet. This is essential for remote teams to complete everyday assignments, but it is also helpful for business updates and contacts.


Slack is a communication hub that can substitute email to help you and your team work together through written messages. It’s designed to help the way people naturally work together so that you can communicate with people online. It grew at one of the fastest rates of any commodity and for a good cause.


Monday.com is the first user-friendly project management tool used by companies such as Uber, eBay, and Adobe. It offers a valuable workflow for routines, powerful high-level management viewpoints, and a fantastic teamwork experience, in addition to the standard task management functionality.


It essentially consists of boards, lists, and cards that, when combined, give you the ability to plan things. Do so for you as well. Often, keep track of everything. Planning is just what there is to it. It also has bot functionality, which allows you to simplify routines and information and make the service much better.

These tools are becoming essential for the successful functioning of a remote team. Get in touch with DGM for the best digital marketing agency and make your business flourish.



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